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Leaf Pattern Design

​ Annla Utsugi   

​Representative Director and President

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Practical research and demonstration experiments

Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Faculty of Music, Department of Japanese Music, Major in Japanese Dance Completed doctoral course at Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School of Music, Department of Japanese Music, Department of Japanese Dance Research. Ph.D. During his doctoral studies, he was appointed as a Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Specia Researcher (DC2). Obtained Special Research Fellow Grant

Specially appointed researcher at Tokyo University of the Arts.
Part-time lecturer at Tsuda University's Department of Multicultural and International Cooperation. 
Specialized researcher in the Japanese Dance Research Area, Graduate School of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts.

At Tokyo University of the Arts, whose ultimate goal is "social implementation and commercialization of art"Project composition. In addition to participating as artists and researchers, we will also be involved in project promotion andHe has been centrally involved in management and collaboration work, and has conducted demonstration experiments and practices related to the following four themes.


・“Innovation through art and science and technology” project
・“Social implementation of art in collaboration with companies” project
・“Supporting the sustainability of artistic activities in the post/after-corona era and building new business models” project
・“Building an art distribution platform linked to virtual space” project

Co-founded Art Tunes Co., Ltd. in September 2022

Leaf Pattern Design


Currently, the homepage is being renewed, so members are displayed in a simplified manner.


Representative Director Annla Utsugi   

Director Naoki Sakakibara
Director Shinya Tokuda

Director Narumi Hirata​

​External CFO   Akihiro Azuma


Senior Advisor on Ethics and International Cooperation

Hideaki Koizumi


Senior Financial Advisor
Tsutomu Okubo

culture and artAdvisor

Shunta Ide


Kosuke Osawa, Head of Information Systems,

Nagasaki Hayabusa

Sho Hasegawa

Hironobu Oka

Takumi Ueno

Tomoyuki Hori

Yamato Ishiwata

Kotaro Osanai

Minato Ishiwatari

Daisuke Koyamauchi


Akiyo Uno

Mako Ozawa

Kento Hashiguchi

Hideyasu Uemura


Accounting tax:Yoyo HigashiYuya IshikawaSanae Okawa (Aoi Partners)
Legal advisor: Namika Yamada (Yamada Ozaki Law Office)

Labor advisor: Kazuyuki Yaegashi (Begreiten Social Insurance and Labor Consultant Office)

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