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About Us

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​Representative message

We aim to build the world's largest art artist database.

During the time I spent at Tokyo University of the Arts from my undergraduate days to the completion of my doctoral program, and even after graduation, I worked at the Tokyo University of the Arts' Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Center, where I was able to work with various companies and artists through art-related projects. .

During that time, through practice and research, I always felt that there was a system that I wished I had, and that is the system that is our company's concept, ``The Global Art Talent Search.''

Artists from all over the world can create their own artist information and “work portfolios,” and users can discover new sensibilities within a beautiful unified standard.You can contact artists directly.


Many people interact, opportunities and points of contact are created,A place is created where the joy of seeing, the joy of posting, the joy of searching, and the joy of being discovered is born.


To all those with artistic talent,

We will deliver a dream-filled stage filled with excitement, brightness, fun, and artistry.

artTunes builds such a dream-like system and contributes to many talents.

​Art Tunes Co., Ltd.

​ Representative Director Annla Utsugi

Company Profile

Company Name

Art Tunes Co., Ltd.

Company executive

Co-founder and Representative Director Annla Utsugi   profile
Co-founder and Director Naoki Sakakibara

Director Shinya Tokuda

Director Narumi Hirata


KDX Toranomon 1-chome Building 11F, 1-10-5 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo


September 2022



130,000,000​yen (including capital reserve)

corporate vision

“Empower Your Artistic Journey”
We contribute to society through social implementation and art by circulating infinite art resources.


corporate mission

"The Global Art Talent Search"
Using the power of art technology, we will build a global database and search system to discover the talents of artists around the world.

Business content

・Construction of a global database and search system to discover the talents of artists around the world.

・Provision of "artTunes", an art platform where artists, users, and companies participate.

・Supporting artist activities with the latest AI technology. Promoting Art Technology that integrates with art.

If you are interested in our work, please contact us.

Thank you
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