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artTunes main business

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All the functions that support artist activities are here.
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Business domain

●Providing the art platform “artTunes”.
●Construction of a database management system for students and graduates of art and art universities in Japan and overseas.
●Building a database and search system for artists (art/music).
●Implementation of a job offer system for artists from companies, universities, and individuals.
●Building an artist support system by companies.
●Establishment of a new advertising model and system in the form of corporate branding strategy through art.
●Development of “artTunes Learning” service where you can learn art skills through e-learning
●Establishment of business development with NFT and Metaverse in mind.
●Research and development of emotional marketing that appeals to emotions by converting the sense of creative thinking and unconscious intuition into data​
●Establishing a digital archive system and education system that takes into account the inheritance of culture and art.

アンカー 1
computer sketch

Uniquely developed AI technology
"artTunes AI"

artTunesAI connects artists, creators, collectors, curators, and businesses in one place to create new business opportunities. Using cutting-edge machine learning and data analysis, it is possible to analyze each artist's "art DNA" and apply it in a variety of ways, from optimal matching to objective analysis of the artist's own work and analysis to prove authenticity. is. We support artists' creative activities from multiple angles and open up new possibilities for fans of their works.

Application Development

Let's cover the artistic Earth!



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