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"Art You'll Want to Buy in 20 Seconds"

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Our ​Vision

“Empower Your Artistic Journey.”  We contribute to society by promoting art and its social implementation, harnessing the boundless resources of art. 

We aim to showcase the undiscovered value born from the synergy of AI and art to the world, paving the way for a new, creative future. We strive to create an environment where artists and creators globally can fully realize their creative potential. Our goal is to stand as a company that seamlessly blends culture and technology.

Our ​Mission

The Global Art Talent Search 

We are committed to building a service that deeply supports artists and creators. Artists and creators face various challenges when pursuing their activities. artTunes offers a digital platform that can address these challenges, aiming to maximize opportunities for them to gain attention. Through a wide range of features and services, we provide a new stage for their talents to be widely recognized and appropriately valued.

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 “A single flower becomes a true flower that colors the world”

We will continue to support artists who enrich the world and influence society, truly serving as its flowers.

Artists, creators, art enthusiasts, galleries, curators, collectors – our platform serves as a hub where diverse art-related individuals and groups converge. Here, they can showcase their works, exchange views, and engage in transactions. Artists, individuals, corporations, and collectives are invited to post and share their creations. They can also interact through ratings and comments. This platform is inclusive, welcoming not only professionals from the art industry but also creative minds from all around the world. Dubbed the "Cloud Gallery", it is designed from an artist's viewpoint, answering the wish, "Wouldn't a tool like this be wonderful?" We aim to support every artist's journey, equipping them with an array of tools to aid their creative endeavors.

ArtTech company that fuses AI and art

artTunes fully supports the activities of artists and creators around the world to create art and culture using the latest AI technology. We will present a new paradigm of Art Technology and realize an innovative environment.

The unique AI technology allows artists to avoid the negative aspects of AI, such as AI robots.We provide an environment where you can concentrate on your creative activities with peace of mind, while providing protection from copyright infringement by artists and constantly updating.

Furthermore, it completely covers the tools necessary for artists' creative activities. AI technology will turn your ideas into reality as a partner. ArtTunes AI is your partner to help artists maximize their creativity.


Management values (behavioral guidelines)


"Fusion of innovation and tradition"

At the forefront of technology, we respect the tradition that underlies art. By combining the two, we will lead the creative art world of the future.


"The intersection of technology and sensibility"

While deepening art with the power of AI, we value human sensitivity and passion the most. We continue to pursue the balance between technology and sensitivity


"Open collaboration"

We will create new value through open collaboration with artists, creators, engineers, and fans.


"Education and enlightenment"

We provide a platform for nurturing the next generation of artists and enlighten society as a whole about the possibilities that come from combining technology and art.

January 2024

  • Our company is responsible for global art casting for the TV program "Art You'll Want to Buy in 20 Seconds" on MBS (TBS) national network of 28 stations. Scheduled to air on January 6, 2024 (Saturday) at 4:00 PM.


September 2023 to March 2024

April 2024

  • "artTunesSTUDIO" beta version launch Currently in closed beta testing and test marketing phase.

Our Schedule

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