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Notation regarding specified commercial transactions

【business person】
Art Tunes Co., Ltd.
Representative/Operating Manager
Yasugi Utsugi


【home page】


【email address】


11F KDX Toranomon 1-chome Building, 1-10-5 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001


【telephone number】


[About artTunes]
Our platform connects artists and creators from around the world, fostering a global community of artists, creators, collectors, curators, gallery owners, and enthusiasts who can freely communicate in the digital realm. Artists and creators will have the opportunity to manage their studios, engage in creative endeavors, increase visibility, foster community, and contribute to economic growth, ushering in a new era of art experiences.


[Sales price range]
This will be displayed on the screen during the purchase process.


[Payment method]
Credit card payment, Apple Pay, Google Pay
*Paid services may have automatic renewal of the usage period. In that case, unless there are special provisions, at the end of the usage period, the usage period of the paid service will be automatically renewed at the same period and price as when it was originally purchased, and charges will be incurred.
*If you use a paid main membership, payment will be made through in-app purchase. In that case, the services using the primary membership will be automatically subscribed every month. If you wish to cancel your subscription, you must cancel your subscription at least 24 hours before your next renewal date.


[Payment period]
For in-app purchases, it depends on the payment method selected for in-app purchases. Please contact the company operating the payment method you are using. In the case of credit card payment, the amount varies depending on the closing date of the credit card used and the details of the contract. Please contact your credit card company.


[Required expenses other than the product price]


[Special terms regarding refunds and cancellations]
We do not accept cancellations after the purchase procedure is completed. Also, due to the nature of the service, no cooling-off period applies. Please note that unless there are special provisions, if you suspend or cancel your subscription during the usage period, no refunds will be given.
For services that have special sales/refund conditions or provision conditions, the conditions and precautions will be displayed on the purchase page of each service or within this service.

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